About Us

We are thrilled to bring you our custom engraved products! Started as a father-daughter team (with help from friends and family) who love to create personalized creations for people like you!
  • Daddieo is the owner of a four generation engraving company that’s been around since 1920. Simply put, he’s pretty good with this engraving stuff!
  • Chelsea has the design eye and likes to create the fun artwork that we engrave on the products.
  • Dan is our full-time engraver! He's been a part of our company since the beginning and has over 15 years engraving experience. We're so appreciative of his knowledge, help and eye for detail! 
  • Chloe, who is another owner of our company, works full time for our sister company Sweetmint Handmade Goods. Go check out her store!
We really appreciate your business!
Chelsea • Chloe • Daddieo


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