Alrighty... You know you want one of our products but do not know how to order. Here's how in 4 simple steps!


Step 1: Once you find your product, make sure you tell us what size or wood type you'd like. Some listings have a dropdown, some don't, so just make sure you select what you'd like. Specific details about the variants can be found in the listing details and/or other photos. 

Step 2: Next, write down any personalization information in the "Custom Notes" Section. Don't want personalization? No worries, just leave that blank. If you want a lot of text, that's fine! We just may have to shrink the text to fit. Note: Please be clear when you let us know what you want engraved. For example, if you want "The McLane Family" engraved, make sure that is what you write in the custom notes box. If you only write "McLane" in the custom notes box, we will only engrave the word "McLane".
If you want something other than what's shown (a specific graphic, changes in the whole design, ect), just write it in the custom notes box. We will use our best judgement when reading your custom notes. If for whatever reason we don't understand your custom notes directions, we may email you (so please occasionally check!). Failure to respond may result in sending without approval or cancelling your order. 
Want a logo? See "Logo" section below!

Step 3: Once you've ordered, click add to cart. You'll notice at the top, there is a section that tells you how much more you need to spend to get free shipping. Spend $100, get free shipping (and who doesn't love FREE shipping!!)

Step 4: Once you're in your shopping cart, review everything to make sure it looks right! At this time, you may want to let us know any notes about your order. Most people leave this blank, but you're welcome to communicate anything with us at this time. Other than that, please checkout as normal. Please make sure your shipping address is correct at this time! 

While logos engraved on the front are free, if you want some text (i.e. a thank you message)  or a logo on the back, we just ask that you pay for the $5 "Engraving on the Back" listing in our shop. While we'd love to be able to engrave on the back for free, it takes a lot of time to design, format in our engraver, then actually engrave on the backside. Thanks for your understanding! 
What kind of logos can we engrave?
Our laser engravers engrave clear black lines. Therefore "greyscale" logos will not engrave well. Please see the image below to understand logos we can and cannot engrave. All logos can be sent to
Have other questions? Email us!


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